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  • Are you tired of trying to figure out what to cook for dinner every night? 
  • Do you need more time to spend with your family?  
  • Need to change your eating habits for your health?  
  • Do you spend too much money going out to dinner?

    If these questions sound familiar, then a Personal Chef may be your answer. It's much like having a maid, but instead of cleaning your house , she will cook your food. This gives you more time, healthier eating habits, less money spent on expensive junk food, and delicious dinners on the table.

    Your Personal Chef does all the planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning...
                                          You just heat and eat!

Personal Chef Darlene will help you bring family back to the dinner table while saving you time and money.  A member of the United States Personal Chef Association and graduate of the Culinary Business Academy, she started The Main Course in 2006. 
                     Chef Darlene has been featured in the following :  

  •   GEMC  Georgia Magazine 11/2008
  •   Canton Sixes, Woodstock, and Holly Springs
  •   Cherokee Tribune 8/2/2007 
  •   The Woodstock View 12/2008 
  •   Canton Sixes Patch


 Martha Stewart Open house Woodstock, Ga. 2008


  Serving Woodstock and surrounding areas!

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